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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s essential to find innovative ways to engage clients, motivate employees, and close deals. One such avenue for fostering meaningful connections and hosting productive meetings is mid-week suite hire at Brands Hatch. This unique opportunity not only offers a change of scenery but also provides a captivating backdrop that can add a touch of excitement to your corporate gatherings.

Brands Hatch, situated in the heart of Kent, England, is renowned for its world-class motorsport events and exhilarating race weekends. Yet, it’s not just a destination for motorsport enthusiasts; it’s also a versatile venue for businesses looking to host memorable corporate events, meetings, and gatherings.


Memorable Meetings

Mid-week suite hire at Brands Hatch offers a refreshing departure from the traditional boardroom setting. Here’s why our suites at Brands Hatch are ideal for Business Suite Hire:

  1. Unconventional Setting: Hosting your business event at Brands Hatch provides a unique and exciting alternative to the typical office environment. The atmosphere and energy of the racetrack are bound to invigorate your team and leave a lasting impression on clients.

  2. Impressive Facilities: Brands Hatch boasts state-of-the-art hospitality suites, fully equipped to cater to your business needs. These suites offer a comfortable and productive setting, complete with internet, and dedicated staff to ensure your event runs smoothly.

  3. Inspiring Views: The racetrack serves as a dynamic and ever-changing backdrop that can serve as a conversation starter and icebreaker during your meetings. The stunning panoramic views from the suites offer a refreshing change of scenery, which can stimulate creativity and innovation.

  4. Versatile Space: Whether you’re planning a corporate presentation, team-building workshop, product launch, or networking event, Racing Events at Brands Hatch can cater to your requirements. The flexible suite spaces can be customised to suit the specific needs of your event.

  5. Easy Accessibility: Brands Hatch is conveniently located just 20 miles from central London, making it accessible to businesses across the UK. With good transport links and ample parking, your attendees can reach the venue with ease.

networking and team building

Hospitality at Brands Hatch

Mid-week suite hire at Brands Hatch is not limited to traditional corporate meetings. The venue also provides a stimulating environment for networking events and team-building activities. A day at the racetrack can serve as an engaging backdrop for forging new relationships or strengthening existing ones. Team-building activities can be incorporated to enhance collaboration and boost team morale.

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  1. Client Entertaining: Hosting clients during a mid-week race day can lead to fruitful business discussions and a memorable experience. The exciting environment can serve as a conversation starter and help foster stronger client relationships.

  2. Employee Motivation: Treating employees to a day at the racetrack as a reward or incentive can boost morale and foster a sense of appreciation. It’s an excellent way to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

  3. Product Launches: Brands Hatch can provide a captivating backdrop for product launches. Whether you’re unveiling a new product to clients or industry professionals, the racetrack environment can add an element of excitement to the event.

  4. Networking Events: Hosting mid-week networking events can help your company connect with potential partners, investors, or collaborators. The unique setting can set the tone for productive discussions and relationship building.

Mid-week suite hire at Brands Hatch offers businesses a unique opportunity to host memorable and productive events. The unconventional setting, impressive facilities, inspiring views, and customisable packages make Racing Events at Brands Hatch a versatile venue for a wide range of corporate gatherings. Whether you’re entertaining clients, motivating employees, or hosting a product launch, Business Room Hire at Brands Hatch provides a dynamic and engaging environment that can set your business events apart.

Motorsport at Brands Hatch, Kent

Our hospitality are open all season, welcoming guests to join us for a variety of events. Whether it’s the British Touring Car Championship, British Truck Racing Championship, Ferrari Challenge, Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe, Masters Historic Festival, American Speedfest, TunerFest South, Super Touring Power 2, Festival Italia, British GT, GB3 Championships, or any other event at Brands Hatch, you’re invited to book hospitality. Whether for an individual, a group of friends, or to reserve an entire suite for family, friends, or a business event, contact Gary today to book your tickets.